Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook's Little Gift

I love this application, Graffiti on Facebook and that's all I feel like saying right now!

But, being the talkative person that I am, I now feel like saying more about it... Well, the application is simply great chiefly because of its simplicity. We have just three parameters to work with. Colours; 180 shades to choose from, Brush size and Brush's transparency and viola there you go! :)

One sweet part about is that once you're done you can press the 'play' button and see your graffiti by an invisible hand ... Basically it fast forwards your drawing session.

So if you are one of the artistic ones, do try this ... Happy Graffiti-ing :)

(one of my few random creations)


  1. so random Maryam! If i weren't the lazy person that i am, i would have tried my hands on this :)

  2. haha yaa... i was soo very much liking graffiti that i thought of blogging about it! but seems like ppl have developed for my less light notes ... no comments on this one so far except yours.. and i am happy about it! :)

  3. Hi Author
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  4. This is my sisters FAVORITE time pass. And shes amazing at it.