Monday, November 2, 2015

Salon Review : Raintree Spa

I saw the Chi Enviro deal at Raintree Spa and decided to go for it. It was 3 pm and I called them to ask if I could come the same day. They said yes provided that I make it by 4 pm max. I also asked if they had an all-women environment because I am a hijabi and the treatment required me to expose hair. To this also the woman on the call confirmed that there were no men around.

I left home at quarter to 4 and should have reached by 4 had it not been for my driver who didn't know what Forum is. And I didn't know that he didn't know. (I was tending to the baby and didn't notice where we were). Finally when I realized we were quite somewhere else and it was 4.20 by the time we reached there.

Upon this the owner said that they'll not be able to do it because the treatment takes at least 1.5 hours and the salon is booked for a party at 5.30. Fair enough.

However, as I sat in the spa waiting for the driver to return I saw:

I. The party was happening right then. There were around 5 women with at least 10 kids and the music was loud. As it should be in a party.

2. There were two men who were decorating the place the entire 30 mins that I was there.

I am really glad that I didn't reach on time. If I had, the process would have begun and I would have been in a really bad space with the chemicals in my hair and the men around. I would have had to wash it right then because I can't let a man see my hair.

Also, it was my time to relax while my hair was done. I had put the baby to sleep and had brought a girl with me to watch over as the baby slept. It took an effort to  make this happen. A party crowd in a cramped space wasn't my idea of relaxing and getting the hair done. And even though my baby sleeps heavily at that time of the day, I would've been totally stressed out if I was in the middle of the treatment and the music would have been on.

Needless to say, no going back even though the deal gives great value for money.