Sunday, October 6, 2013

5 Perils of Living On Your Own

Okay so if you are living that big city life on your own, you have all the independence you can dream of. So much independence, that it is not even all that cool any more. And on the other hand there are certain perils that you can get into given that you are such a lone soul in a big big city. May be peril is not the word but I’ll just use it any way :P

So here we go. Here are some of the things that can go wrong wrong wrong when you are t-o-t-a-l-l-y on your own.

i.                     The air conditioner has chilled the room sooo much throughout the night, that you just can’t come out of your blanket in the morning. It is like stepping out from a tub full of hot water into freezing rain somewhere in North Pole. Okay, not that extreme but you get it. And of course, there is no mommy dearest to switch the AC off for you.

In such a situation, you will either run the peril of feeling extremely uncomfortable – or of going back to sleep and missing/ getting late for work and facing horrible consequences.

ii.                   You are out of cash. Your friends are out of cash (read: you are out of friends). The only money you have is to travel to work. In such cases you might just die of hunger. Or on a less severe note, resort to shoplifting so that you can get caught and the police can feed you something in the lock up for a few days. No matter what you do, this situation is full of perils.

iii.                  You locked your room at night and tossed the keys. In the morning you can’t find them. Now you are imprisoned in the room. You can’t go to work or even get a key maker. Also your DSL is not working and phone has no money. Also you have no window in your room. Also, you have no attached bathroom. Imagine.

iv.                 You are sick. Probably have diabetes or you just got stomach flu. Too weak to move. Too weak to get essential help like a sweet or gripe water. You’ll probably just die.

v.                   You take a week off from work to relax. And then you die somehow in your house. Like a natural death, accidental or may be a murder. Well then sorry, but your body won’t be discovered until at least a week. Wait, that is not really a peril for you as a living person, but it might be for your soul. Like if your body remained unburied for a week, that would probably be perilous for your soul no?