Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bluey Blue

It’s blue. Dark depressing blue.

I can see blue, I can hear blue.

I can smell blue and taste blue.

Since, when did I start feeling blue?

It makes me float around as if I were nothing but merely a shadow of a human’s existence. It makes me stand in front of the mirror and stare at the stranger at the other side. It makes me gaze at strangers walking past by and yet lets me see nothing but itself.

It makes me feel like a dead soul in a live body.

It rejoices on my numbness, on my restlessness, on my hopelessness.

Then, it does something terribly cruel. It leaves me alone for a while, to let me live again… for a few cheerful hours, with a few good old friends, until the time it can come back to me and grab me again, let me feel the fresh pang of the numbness again.

Oh blue, I hate you!