Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Grieve for the Killers

These killers
These killers aren't Muslims
They do not follow Islam
They do not follow Allah,
Al Raheem (the merciful)
Al Ghaffar  (the great forgiver)
Al Wadud (the loving one)

These killers
They kill non-Muslims
They kill Muslims
They do not differentiate

These killers
They blow up women and children
They blow up young and old men
They blow up whoever comes in their way
They blow up their own people

These killers
They spill blood
They spill blood in Turkey and in France
They spill blood in Belgium and in Paksitan
They spill blood wherever, whenever they like

These killers
These killers were once babies
Cuddling in their mothers arms
Learning how to walk and talk
Trying different foods
Crying when they fell

And today they are killers.

Before they killed others
They killed their own selves
The human within
The soul within
Their victims are often grieved
Let's for once grieve for
The killers
And their mothers and fathers
And lovers and sisters.

Let's grieve for humanity.

#pray for Lahore
#pray for Paris
#pray for turkey

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