Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nueplex's Nonsense

I had always thought I would never publicly bash a brand or a business, especially if it is something that isn't critical.

Nueplex cinema has forced me to go against this resolution.

Sometime back I posted feedback on Nueplex's Facebook page. The post wasn't ignored - it was Deleted.

A little later I came across a blog post. The post AND the comments below echoed my experience. (http://amynaghulamali.blogspot.com/2014/07/dupe-lex.html).

And that is when I concluded that Nueplex deserves some loud criticism. Here is what I had posted on the page:

Went to Nueplex yesterday to watch HTTYD 2 in 3D. The experience left a bad taste in the mouth.
For the first five minutes, the 3D effects didn't kick in, in spite of the glasses. My three family members felt the same, so I went to the concierge at the stairs. There I saw four others complaining loudly.

Explained the problem and handed over the glasses to the two concierges. But they were doing nothing to help. In fact one was arguing that the movie IS 3D because it is appearing "blur''.

I then went to the ticket counter and got a guy who looked concerned, to the hall. By then (15 minutes later), the 3D had started working.

I asked the concierge to give me the four glasses back. He gave me just one and said that he had given the rest 3 to my company sitting back at the top. I went all the way up to find that they never got their glasses.

I went all the way down again to ask for the three other glasses. The person asked me to go up and wait for them. 5 minutes later he came with just TWO glasses saying something that didn't make sense to us. So there I was sharing my 3D glasses with my husband HUH

10 minutes later when the person did not bring the fourth pair of 3D glasses, my husband went all the way down, faced an argument , and then got his pair.

All in all, the first 30 minutes of the movie experience went extremely disturbing. And it was purely because of the bad customer service.

The technical glitch lasted 10 minutes, the human glitch, 30 minutes.

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