Friday, September 28, 2012

What the Pakistani Government Does not Want You to Watch

Two years back I went to Dubai to intern for a month. While doing so I one happened to surf across Pakistani TV channels and man! I felt like Pakistan was nothing but an apocalyptic land where nothing other than violence, bloodshed and destruction happened. These channels portrayed our country like it was a habitat of civilian and political beasts.

Being a resident of Karachi I have a relatively balanced perception of what happens in it and what does not as compared to those who live elsewhere. But even my perception is greatly biased - thanks to the inaccurate way in which the media decides to select and deliver messages to the entire world. And this inaccuracy is not entirely accidental.

Recently my friend, whose relative works at a very popular news channel, shared a sad fact. She said her relative told her that the channel had direct orders NOT to show any peaceful protests that were carried out to condemn the film made humiliating the Prophet. They were strictly ordered to show violence only throughout the day.

While this news hardly comes as a surprise, it does make me sad because of the considerable influence media has on the average citizen. The media is our eyes and ears to the world and what it shows us significantly alters the way we perceive, think, dream and act. In such a state of affairs, instead of wasting time on condemning the government for creating (or following) such heinous schemes and the media for obeying it, we all should go back and do what we can do to spread the truth in a balanced way.

While the internet too is not entirely un-moderated, we still enjoy freedom that can be used for the betterment of the society. So please, share what is true and what does good to others.


  1. In the recent past, the amount of turmoil and unrest in Pakistan has markedly come to notice. A free media can be a blessing as it may help reveal the injustice that goes on behind closed doors, but in many ways it has fueled the fire. There need to be some kind of laws that media needs to abide by to deliver authentic news that not that demoralizes the nation, but also provides ways of doing damage control. =/

  2. most of this so called media of Pakistan is under direct influence of foreign agencies and governments. they rarely show us the positive image of Pakistan. but in reality they want to make a chaos situation in the country. but their efforts will go unrewarded by the grace of all mighty allah