Monday, September 6, 2010

63 years - Are our borders still safe?

Alhamdulliah, we are are very lucky indeed to have Pakistan intact after 63 years in spite of the innumerable calamities and difficulties that have befallen our beloved homeland Pakistan.
Today I feel very proud that I belong to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan - a country which was created in the name of Islam. I also feel very proud of my dear brothers and sisters who have served the armed forces of Pakistan in order to protect our borders, on which enemies constantly have their eyes upon.

The border of Pakistan was created to make us, the Muslims of the sub-continent, feel safe. So that no non-Muslim could succeed in harming us in any way, as had been the case before. That was the purpose of the border. 

However, my pride on my dear country's border and it's sovereignty is hurt when I see cases of people disappearing within our own borders, some of them who later turn upin prisons in foreign countries. At hearing such cases, I, as a Pakistani, feel insecure about my own future!

For example, one case is that of Dr. Afia. One Pakistani being tried by the US judiciary in the US! How is it legal in any way to try a person in country X, when the person belongs to country Y ?

Now, this is not the story of one Pakistani. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of such Pakistanis who have become the victim of rendition - who have been 'disappeared' by someone within Pakistan and then later turned up to be in some foreign country with a list of criminal charges.

Recalling the purpose of our country's border - to keep it's citizens safe - makes me wonder if our borders really are as good as they used to be.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!


  1. Maryam, the purpose of creating Pakistan as a separate state was, as you said, to protect its citizens, particularly Muslims. But that is a secondary reason. Today many people may argue against this point, but the MAIN reason behind Pakistan's creation was to create a model state based WHOLLY on the principles of Islam- be that legislation, politics, economics, education.

    What we are suffering today as a nation is only the repercussion of going against our word of making Pakistan the paradigm of Islamic welfare.

  2. @Mehreen Baji. I agree.

    Sadly, hardly any of the reasons primary or secondary have been remembered.

  3. "we are are very lucky indeed to have Pakistan intact after 63 years"

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Considering that we can barely protect our borders it is hardly surprising that we find out citizens disappearing and landing in foreign countries. Particularly when they are right next door and rhyme with Afghanistan.

    Our government sold us out. Plain, Flat and Simple. In exchange for mountains of dollars, Coalition forces can bomb, blow up and 'borrow' whatever they want.

  4. MZ. 2 ppints should be noted. This is healthy criticism btw.

    1) You say that the reason Pakistan was created was to keep its borders safe! And in a questioning tone, you ask are the borders really safe! Then u say Paksitan Zindabad. It shows 2 different sides. The first one being tht ure not really sure about your country and the next being that you love it!

    2) Don't feel insecure about your own future!!

  5. @ kiran

    1. i didn't say that.. read again.. i said..
    //The border of Pakistan was created to make us, the Muslims of the sub-continent, feel safe.//

    yes the question is if the borders really are safe ( like alpha za illustrated above ).

    And in spite of its uncertain future, i love my country. what's wrong with that?

    if you had a beloved in a critical health condition and you would be uncertain about their life, would you stop loving him/her?

    2. are you serious? you are the one who went to Dr. Afia's mother's house. If elites in this country are not secure, who am I?

  6. I have nothing much to say after reading this. May God bless Pakistan.
    P.s I love your blog, I am new reader :)

  7. Maryam, you impeccably raised the question that, are our borders still safe? And gave your arguments in a very nice manner. But Here I will disagree with you. I believe that Pakistan borders are still safe. And if they were not, then we would be having international armies here in our country rather then having our citizens there. Moreover since Kargil war our traditional rivalry, India has many times moved huge army to the borders but never dared to attack. This is because we have the nuclear bomb. For which not only India, but other countries as well never dare to attack us.

    We are known as the Castle of Islam. Muslim world refer to us for their security. Our Intelligence agency is marked as no. 1 in the world.

    There are many links to other international forums which declared ISI as the top ranked intelligence agency of the world.

    So our borders are safe. We have the technology, armed forces and courage to protect our borders.

    Now coming towards the internal security of the people. This is due to the corrupt politicians. And those politicians are the part of a system. System to which we all belong. So the need is to correct the system. And we being the part of a system are the only one to save ourselves. And for that we need to be practical.