Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freedom of Speech?

I randomly found this piece of prose on Facebook as different people's statuses and couldn't agree with it more. Very succinctly put. Makes me wonder what is going on in the world.

When you attack black people, they call it ...

When you attack Jewish people, they call it...

When you attack women, they call it...

When you attack homosexuality, they call it...

When you attack your country, they call it...

When you attack a religious sect, they call it...
 Hate Speech

But when they attack the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), they call it...


  1. i agree that there are many hypocrites defending freedom of speech - and with time they will have to change, as a consequence of many factors, such as simple demographics and the results of studies and research. but then,like so many have pointed out, self-professed Muslims don't make things better.

    The freedom of speech movement is a response to actions that Muslims took - such as killing Theo van Gogh. We cannot condone actions like that in any way, under any circumstances - not saying that you are, but many people do.

    By the way, who's 'they'?

    You might be interested in reading:



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